House Number Plaque ハウスナンバー表札

Vintage house number plaque

Vintage-look house number plaque When we had the house rendered, the ceramic house number plaque was broken. It’s a hassle to go shopping with the COVID situation, so I tried making it out of paper. It’s been a couple of months …

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Dragon Cover for a Junk Journal ジャンクジャーナルカバー[ドラゴン]

Dragon Cover for a junk journal

The idea for this dragon cover for a junk journal developed over a period of time. I’d seen several YouTubers (some videos by Laura Carson and Yvonne Williams.) creating dragon book covers, and it was always in the back of …

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Junk Journal ジャンクジャーナル

Handmade Junk Journal

What Is A Junk Journal? Today I would like to show you one of my junk journals. To be honest, I’m not even sure what a real junk journal is!? I use mine for keeping scraps from cards I have …

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Model Zen Dojo With Video: Steve’s Forest Zen House

スティーブの森の禅堂 Temples, Shrines and a Model Zen Dojo Today, I would like to introduce you to the number 4 in the Forest series, Model Zen Dojo: Steve’s Forest Zen House. I was having trouble coming up with an idea for …

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Steve’s Forest Cafe (Video)

スティーブの森のカフェ Today, I would like to introduce the third instalment in the ‘forest’ series, Steve’s Forest Cafe. The basic structure was made using recycled cardboard and boxes. 今日はフォレストシリーズ3作目、スティーブのフォレストカフェを紹介します。今までと同じように基本はダンボールや空箱を使って作りました。 The café offers such delicacies as nuts and berries and freshly baked …

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