Leather Key Case

久しぶりにレザークラフト キーケース For my husband’s birthday this year, I decided to make him a leather key case. It was the first time I’d done any leather craft in a while. Before making it, we discussed what he wanted and decided on …

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Liverpool FC Themed Medicine Bag

リバプールFC(プレミアリーグ)ロゴをステッチしたメディスンバッグ I previously posted about the Liverpool FC wallet and key holder that I made for my husband. This is the medicine bag that I made to match. 先日のポスト<リバプールFC(プレミアリーグ)ロゴをステッチした長財布>でご紹介したした長財布&キーホルダーと合わせて作ったメディスンバッグです。 Like the wallet, I hand-stitched the Liverpool FC logo in the …

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Liverpool FC Leather Wallet

LFC Leather Wallet 01

リバプールFC(プレミアリーグ)ロゴをステッチした長財布 Leather wallet with LFC Logo This is the Liverpool FC themed leather wallet I made for my husband. I made it while doing a correspondence course ‘For Bikers’ with the Tokyo leather craft school, Craft Gakuen. It’s a biker …

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