Liverpool FC Leather Wallet


LFC Leather Wallet 01

Leather wallet with LFC Logo

This is the Liverpool FC themed leather wallet I made for my husband. I made it while doing a correspondence course ‘For Bikers’ with the Tokyo leather craft school, Craft Gakuen.

It’s a biker style wallet with a double loop stitch around the edges. The Liverpool FC logo is hand stitched. The concho used for the clasp is an old Japanese coin with a phoenix design.

I made a matching key holder that can be attached to the wallet by a four braided cord.





Keyholder and Braided Cord

Key Holder 01

Old Japanese Coin

Key Holder 02

Wallet with Key Holder Attached

LFC Leather Wallet 02

Wallet with Braided Cord

LFC Leather Wallet 03
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4 thoughts on “Liverpool FC Leather Wallet”

    • I made this for my husband. I don’t usually sell the leather goods that I make because the cost of the materials alone makes it quite expensive, especially when you can get imported machine-made leather goods for less than the cost of the leather I used! It is more of a hobby, really!

  1. This is fantastic. I’m not a biker but I am a Liverpool fan. I would pay good money for this, especially if you could post to Ireland.


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