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Getting Started With Leathercraft

When I first began doing leathercraft, I started off by referring to various books and just working things out by myself. I wanted to study it more seriously but at the time there were no leathercraft classes in my area. Not only that but I was still working full-time as an architect so, in the end, I decided to take a correspondence course.


For Bikers Course by Craft Gakuen

After some research, I decided to do a course called ‘For Bikers’ (by Craft Gakuen) which, as the name implies, specialised in making bikers goods. One of the reasons for this was that they used ‘saddle leather’, which interested me the most.

We had to make 6 items using their textbook and had to mail a minimum of two items for a teacher to check and give us advice. Also, throughout the course, we were able to contact my teacher directly if I had any questions or problems. Finally, we had to take an all-day lecture at Craft Gakuen in Tokyo.

中でも私が一番興味があったサドルレザーを使ってバイカーズグッズが作れる “ For Bikers” (クラフト学園)というコースを選びました。


Liverpool FC Leather Goods

The final task was to make a wallet, which I planned to give to my husband, so I decided to use the club logo of his favourite football team, Liverpool FC. I also made a key holder and ‘medicine bag’ with a coordinated design to go with the wallet.

To be honest, I originally thought it would be cool to do the logo design using a carving technique but I didn’t have the experience at the time and so decided that it might be a bit reckless as the result might have been disastrous!

In the end, I used a stitch pattern for the logo. It was simple but my teacher was full of praise for the result and used my design in an advertisement for the school in a well-known Japanese leather crafting magazine!

I learned so much while doing the course so I can’t thank them enough. If you are looking for a leather craft course in Japan, I highly recommend Craft Gakuen.




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2 thoughts on “Leather Craft “For Bikers” by Craft Gakuen”

  1. This course looks quite interesting. I just got my husband to check it out online for me because my Japanese isn’t great. I noticed there isn’t a fixed time for the course. How long did you take to finish it? And you have to meet your tutors sometimes, right? Do you think I can do this with basic Japanese?

    • Hi Alison. I can’t remember exactly how long it took me to complete the course but I think I did it over a few months because I was working full-time. The course is mostly by correspondence and you only meet with your tutor at the end. They are very helpful, so I think you will be fine with some basic Japanese. I think it would also be okay to take your husband or a Japanese friend with you if you felt more comfortable doing it that way.


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