House Number Plaque ハウスナンバー表札

Vintage-look house number plaque

Vintage house number plaque

When we had the house rendered, the ceramic house number plaque was broken. It’s a hassle to go shopping with the COVID situation, so I tried making it out of paper. It’s been a couple of months since I installed it, but it seems to be coping with the wet English weather just fine. I think this is enough for now, until I find a plaque I like?!


The base of the plaque

The plaque base

For the base, I used several empty dog food boxes stacked on top of each other.


Number 44

number 44

I made a lot of letters to make them thicker by stacking them. It was easy because I edited it on my computer and cut it with a scan’ cut.


Half-mountain pearls

Half-mountain pearls

I glued the half-mountain pearls at regular intervals.


Painting the house number plaque

painting the house number plaque

Then I painted everything with with black gesso.


Rusted metal effect

Rusted metal

Next, I added colour with acrylic paints. I was trying to create a rusted metal effect.


More patina

Embossing powder

After painting, I added black and bronze embossing powder for additional patina.



Water-proofing the house number plaque

Finally, I added several layers of waterproof glue to all areas of the plaque. (I did this process twice this time)


A (hopefully!) weather-proofed house number plaque

House Number Plaque

It’s done!


Materials Used 使用品

Cosmic Shimmer Gesso primer 

This Gesso is the high-quality black that you expect from a Cosmic Shimmer product. It gives good coverage and adhesion, which makes this the perfect first coat to your art and craft projects where a dark base is required.

Cosmic Shimmer Artist pigment paint

Artist Pigment Paints Quinacridone Gold by Andy Skinner – Developed for Andy Skinner’s unique style Cosmic Shimmer bring you these premium artist pigment paints, the superior quality is due to very high artist pigment content. Like the best artist paints, they contain natural pigments; these paints are transparent. They are free from matting agents and fillers; this gives a high-quality paint that is both transparent and vibrant. They are water-based and archival quality. If you want an opaque paint, they can be mixed with the Cosmic Shimmer Chalk Paints.

Deco Art Americana Metallic Paint Rich Espresso

Premium quality, all-purpose water-based acrylic for arts, crafts and home décor. This medium viscosity matte finish paint provides excellent coverage with a smooth, creamy consistency. A permanent and durable paint with bright/heavy pigments, excellent lightfastness and colour consistency.

Décopatch Sealing Varnish Satin No1 90 ml

Décopatch Sealing Varnish gives a protective coating. Varnish is compatible with PaperPatch Glue. It is available in 3 types of varnishes (Satin, Ultra Glossy and Ultra Matt). Varnish protects against moisture. Varnish is water based and can be cleaned off brushes and hands with warm soapy water.

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4 thoughts on “House Number Plaque ハウスナンバー表札”

  1. What a brilliant idea and more stylish than any you can buy…good to know those dog food boxes came in useful…i use cat food boxes alot too? Hugs Emmax

    • Thanks, Emma. The best thing is that when we recycle stuff for our crafting, it’s really being recycled. You hear so many stories about ‘recycling’ ending up in a landfill. We are doing our bit! x


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