Dragon Cover for a Junk Journal ジャンクジャーナルカバー[ドラゴン]

Dragon Cover for a junk journal

The idea for this dragon cover for a junk journal developed over a period of time. I’d seen several YouTubers (some videos by Laura Carson and Yvonne Williams.) creating dragon book covers, and it was always in the back of my mind to try something similar. Then, back in June, one of my friends on CraftWorld.comDiydebs, made this fantastic dragon book. I was really impressed with her creation, and this was the final inspiration I needed to try something of my own.

Here is the video how to make a dragon book by Laura Carlson, whose instructions are published on YouTube.


Laura’s Dragon Eye is made with printouts and glossy accents. The printouts can be downloaded for free from her site.

かなり前になりますがYouTubeでドラゴンをテーマにした作品を作られているビデオ(Laura Carson and Yvonne Williams)を見てから作りたいな〜と思いつつ実行できずにいました。

6月に私がよく利用するクラフトコミュニティサイトでお友達になった Diydebs さんが同じ方々のビデオをご覧になってドラゴンブックを作られました。その作品に刺激されて私も今度のジャーナルのカバーはドラゴンテーマで作る事にしました。

こちらはYouTubeで作り方を公開されている  Laura Carlson さんのドラゴンブックの作り方。


Laura さんのドラゴンアイはプリントアウトとグロッシーアクセントで作られています。プリントアウトは彼女のサイトから無料でダウンロード出来ます。

Dragon Eye

Dragon Eye

I decided to use the dragon eye made with the UV resin that I introduced in the post Dragon Eye the other day. I made a rough sketch of the eye shape.


Paper Scales

Paper scales for dragon eye

After watching Laura Carlson’s video, I started collecting egg shell to use for the dragon scales. However, the egg shell was difficult to handle and I was never really able to achieve the effect that I wanted.

Finally, I gave up and tried a different strategy! Instead, I decided to make the scales using paper.

私も以前、Laura Carlsonさんのビデオを見てからせっせと卵の殻を集めていました。作らないのでそろそろ捨てようかと思っていた所でした。


Recycled Dragon Eye for a Recycled Junk Journal

Dragon cover for a junk journal

This is the finished dragon cover for a junk journal. I didn’t know if it would work, so I didn’t take any photos. ?

However, it wasn’t so complicated and I just cut the kraft paper into the individual shapes that I wanted. ?

I was happy that I was able to make it from paper, so I also made some eggs. (By the way, I inspiration for the eggs comes from the fact that I am a big fan of Game of Thrones.)




A Dragon Egg for a Junk Journal

The making of a dragon egg

Using some recycled packaging, I cut the base into an oval shape. I cut a bunch of scales using a circular hole punch, and then shaped each one individually.


Making a dragon egg

I pasted the scales from bottom to top.


Painting a dragon egg

I painted the whole egg with black acrylic paint and then added in a bronze colour.


Painting a dragon egg

On top of that, I applied a bronze-coloured embossing powder and finally added a green Metallic Luster.

その上からブロンズカラーのエンボスパウダーをかけて最後に Metallic Lustre のグリーンをのせました。

Dragon cover for a junk journal

The cover itself was again made using a cereal box. (See previous post, Junk Journal)

表紙 本体は今回もシリアルの箱を利用して作りました。(以前のポスト、“ジャンクジャーナル”をご覧になってください)

Dragon cover for a junk journal
裏側 Back cover

Materials Used 使用品

DecoArt Metallic Lustre

DecoArt Dazzling Metallics

Ranger Embossing Powder Copper

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