Lens Wipe Dispenser (Video) レンズクリーナー収納

Lens Wipe Dispenser

I made a lens wipe dispenser using Stamperia’s 8×8 Mechanical Sea World design paper.

I took some pictures of how to make it, but I had only the general idea and thought about the details while making it. As usual, there was a lack of advance planning! ?

スタンペリアの8×8デザインペーパー( Mechanical Sea World )を使ってレンズクリーナー用の収納ボックスを作りました。


The Making of a Lens Wipe Dispenser


The size of the lens cleaner is 60x50mm, so I set the size of the main body to 70x60mm. The height was decided by the size of the image (the diver) I wanted to use. It is a simple structure with a top-opening lid to fill up the wipes and a lower drawer to dispense them.


The structure

For the main structure of the box, I used 1mm greyboard and kraft paper (A4 kraft paper 100gsm).


The sides of the lens wipe dispenser

First, I made the sides of the box. This size fits a sing sheet of A4. Place the grey-board on kraft paper and glue. Leave a small gap of about 1 mm between them. (Grey-board thickness + α) Cut the corner diagonally, leaving about 2 mm at the corner. Make the crease around them with the stylus. (So that it can be folded cleanly later)


Double-sided tape and glue

Double-sided tape and glue are used together. Glue firmly to the edge.


Fold the corners

Use a stylus to fold the remaining 2mm on the corner, so that the grey card does not show.


Glue the tab to form the body of the lens wipe dispenser

Use the tab on the left to glue the structure and form the body.



I felt the one sheet of cardboard was a bit flimsy for the lid and the base, so I decided to stack two sheets.

The double-fold bias tape for the corners is cut to the height of the box and tapered.



Top and bottom

Where the corner tape was glued.


Lid and base

Wrap the lid and bottom in the same way with kraft paper.


The Walls, Lid and Base

Inner walls of the lens wipe dispenser

For the inner walls, I cut the brown paper 5 mm smaller than the box.


Design paper

The edge of design paper and box is Antique processing with Distress Ink.

デザインペーパーと箱にDistress Inkでアンティーク加工。

Kraft paper for lid and base

Stick kraft paper on the lid and bottom to hide the grey board.


The lid

At first, I was thinking of attaching the lid with a hinge, but since the box itself is small, I changed the plan and decided to use a chamfered edge instead.


The base and the lid of the lens wipe dispenser

The base and the lid. The lid (on the right) has a chamfered edge that is smaller than the inner dimensions of the box.

底と蓋 右側の蓋にも箱より小さいサイズで凸をつけました。

The drawer

I originally intended to leave an opening to retrieve the wipes. However, I changed my mind and decided to make a drawer instead because I didn’t want to see the wipes inside. The side is fitted and made into a hypotenuse.


The legs of the lens wipe dispenser

I decided to add longer legs than I originally planned. The legs were made from 3 paper straws stacked together.


Final Decoration of the Lens Wipe Dispenser


Ornaments for the legs and lid. Painted with metallic bronze after grounding with black gesso. Then I applied turquoise and black embossed powder.



I decided to make a pedestal to attach the legs. I painted this as well as the legs. Initially, I had a lot of trouble attaching the legs. I tried using silicone glue and hot glue, but it didn’t work, and I was worried about the strength, so I finally went with extra heavy gel mediums.

脚を取り付けるために台座を作る事にしました。こちらも脚と同じように塗装しました。足の取り付けにはかなり苦労しました。シリコングルーやホットガングルーを使ってみましたが上手くつかなかったり強度が心配だったので最終的には Extra heavy gel mediums を使用しました。

Adding the wipes

I added the wipes. The size looks good!


Lens wipe dispenser with drawer

Front drawer

前面 引き出し

Reverse side

Reverse side

I always make it until the end without deciding the details, so it is random and there are many redoes. Still, it’s fun to notice and change or devise while making.



Materials Used 使用品

Stamperia 8×8 Mechanical Sea World 

Cosmic Shimmer Gesso Primer 

Deco Art Americana Metallic Paint Rich Espresso

Golden Acryl Med 8 Oz X-Heavy Gel Matte

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  1. What a great idea, its always nice when something so gorgeous to look at also has a very practical use. I wouldn’t have known where to start so thank you for the step by step photos. Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year. Lets hope things soon start to improve! Hugs Emmax

    • Thanks, Emma! I’ve been trying to make a lot of practical things over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, haven’t had time to get online much, so there is a backlog of things to post! Wishing you and your family the best of things in 2021! x

  2. No idea why I’m having trouble leaving comments on some blogs at the moment ;-( … 2nd attempt … love this super project Nozomi and the papers you’ve used … Happy New Year to you and yours &b keep crafting! Steph x

    • Hi Steph. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble commenting. My husband says if you go into settings on your browser and clear the cache, it might help. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2021! (it has to be better than 2020, right?) x


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