Waitrose Recipe Organiser (with Video)

Waitrose Magazine I decided to make a Waitrose recipe organiser for the magazine articles I’ve been collecting. My mother in law always picks up the monthly Waitrose magazine from the supermarket and keeps them for me. The content is full …

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Tag It Tuesday: Junk Journal 2

ジャンクジャーナル 2: Tag It Tuesday Facebook Group Tag it Tuesday is a Facebook group that I joined last year. It focuses on making tags and ATC cards. The junk journal dragon cover that I uploaded while ago got full so …

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Lens Wipe Dispenser (Video) レンズクリーナー収納

Lens Wipe Dispenser

I made a lens wipe dispenser using Stamperia’s 8×8 Mechanical Sea World design paper. I took some pictures of how to make it, but I had only the general idea and thought about the details while making it. As usual, …

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House Number Plaque ハウスナンバー表札

Vintage house number plaque

Vintage-look house number plaque When we had the house rendered, the ceramic house number plaque was broken. It’s a hassle to go shopping with the COVID situation, so I tried making it out of paper. It’s been a couple of months …

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Sherlock Holmes Card (video) シャーロックホームズカード

Sherlock Holmes Card

Graphic 45 Master Detective 180° Double Pull-tab Stage Sherlock Holmes, Master Detective I bought this graphic 45 paper (Master Detective) quite a while ago. I didn’t have a chance to use it before now, so I used it to make …

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