Tag It Tuesday: Junk Journal 2

ジャンクジャーナル 2:

Tag It Tuesday Facebook Group

Tag it Tuesday is a Facebook group that I joined last year. It focuses on making tags and ATC cards. The junk journal dragon cover that I uploaded while ago got full so quickly because I decided to use it to store the tags.

In the group, some themes are given every month and based on the conditions, we make tags and ATC cards and upload them to FB.

There are different guidelines that we follow each month such as techniques, materials, shapes and colours, etc. There are so many things I didn’t know so I research and trying new things when I make them every month.

The members are very friendly and it is interesting to see various works made under the same guidelines. Also, there are no strict deadlines, so I could enjoy doing the projects without stress or pressure. I only actually joined in April of last year, but I did all the projects going back to January.

If you are interested, please join us!

Tag it Tuesdayは、私が昨年参加したFacebookのグループです。 毎月、タグとATCカードを作ります。 以前のブログにアップしたドラゴンのジャンクジャーナルカバーは、このタグの保存に使うことにしたので、あっという間にいっぱいになりました。



グループのメンバーはとてもフレンドリーで、同じ条件下で作られたさまざまな作品を見るのはとても興味深いです。 また、厳しい締め切りがないので、ストレスやプレッシャーを感じることなくプロジェクトを楽しんでいます。 私は昨年の4月に参加しましたが、1月まで遡って作成しました。


January  (一月)

Tag It Tuesday: January  (一月)


  • Use polka dots ✔
  • College with napkins ✔
  • Use your least favourite colour ✔
  • Add squares ✔

February  (二月)

Tag It Tuesday: February  (二月)


  • Randomly spray ink, mist, paint ✔
  • Utilise saran wrap technique ✔
  • Use date stamp ✔
  • Use buttons ✔

March  (三月)

Tag: March  (三月)


  • Use roller stamp ?
  • Add numbers ✔
  • Use crimper or something corrugated ✔
  • Add envelope ✔

April  (四月)

Tag: April  (四月)


  • Use gears ✔
  • Tint any medium and use through a stencil ✔
  • Use old greeting cards ✔
  • Use washi tape ✔

May (五月)

Tag: May (五月)


  • Add black marker or pen ✔
  • Add mountain or trees ✔
  • Use a die-cut ✔
  • Add something from nature ✔

June (六月)

Tag: June (六月)


  • Add measuring tape ?
  • Add stars ✔
  • Use random scrap from your desk ✔
  • Draw something ✔

July  (七月)

July  (七月)


  • Use stamp in at least three places ✔
  • Use something you print from your computer ✔
  • Add a pocket ✔
  • Add aluminium foil ✔

August  (八月)

August  (八月)


  • Use primary colours ✔
  • Make grid of /circles/squares/objects ✔
  • Doodle flowers and vines ✔
  • Add a border to at least one side ✔

September  (九月)

September  (九月)


  • Add dog image ✔
  • College with your wipe up paper towels and/or baby wipes ✔
  • Build texture with a palette knife and any medium ✔
  • Add paper clip ✔

October  (十月)

October  (十月)


  • Add glitter ✔
  • Green ✔
  • Add sawing or embroidery thread or fibres ✔
  • Fussy cut and attach something ✔

November  (十一月)

November  (十一月)


  • Add pearls ✔
  • Add flower ✔
  • Use something from another hobby ✔
  • Shade an area with straight lines ✔

December  (十二月)

December  (十二月)


  • Glue down string or twine ✔
  • Add mandala image ✔
  • Use cheesecloth or gauze ✔
  • Blue ✔
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6 thoughts on “Tag It Tuesday: Junk Journal 2”

  1. These are so lovely! And what a wonderful idea! I’d love to do something like this for my mandala students. I’m going to set them a monthly challenge along the same vein. Thank you so much for the idea! They make such a lovely set. I have to admit though, I’ve never heard of ATC cards. Do people swap them?

    • Hi Kathryn. Yes, people don’t swap ATC (Artist Trading Cards), although I’ve never done it personally! I think it would be a great thing to do with your mandala students! x

  2. Each set is gorgeous, i think feb and june my favs – its a good way to try new styles techniques out and its good to challenge ourselves even if we decide in the end that style isn’t for us. I hope you are holding in there ok. Lots of hugs Emmax

  3. My you were busy last year! Each one a gorgeous miniature piece of art, love Aug & Dec especially. I remember taking part in a monthly topper challenge several years back which was fun … would love more spare hours to craft but just grateful I can squeeze in some here and there. PS more Meerkats coming soon! Steph x


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