Butterfly Dragonfly Card


I recently discovered this amazingly beautiful dragonfly. I don’t remember ever having seen one, but this species of dragonfly seems to live in Japan. In Japanese, we call them choutonbo, which translates to Butterfly Dragonfly. The gorgeous wings are blue and purple, like stained glass. The card I have made is inspired by this dragonfly.


rhyothemis fuliginosa – butterfly dragonfly – チョウトンボ

For the background, I used a Sizzix leaf embossing folder and coloured with Distress ink. I used suppressed grey tones because I wanted to highlight the colours in the wing. I cut the mirror card as a frame and then embossed it. For the base card, I used a chicken wire stamp with silver ink, then added the grey watercolour.

バックグラウンドは Sizzix の葉っぱのエンボスフォルダーを使用後、Distress inkで色付け。羽を目立たせたかったので色は抑えました。ミラーカードをフレームのようにカット後、こちらもエンボスをかけました。台紙にはシルバーインクでワイヤーのスタンプを使用、こちらもグレーで着色しました。

I drew the wing on tracing paper with permanent ink (Sharpie) and coloured it on the back using an alcohol pen. It was then finished with a resin. It’s difficult to see in the photo, but I also added glitter to the resin and the surface is very shiny.

I tried my best, but the result was far from that of nature’s own beauty.



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