Water Lily Pop-up Card [VIDEO]


A Japanese or Gothic Ascetic?

This pop-up card is a water lily blooming in a carp pond. A dragonfly is resting for a moment on its leaves.

The surface of the water and the carp are cut out white paper layered on black card. I used a stamp for the dragonfly. The wings were made of acetate with gold embossing powder to create a transparent effect. This was made with a Japanese ascetic in mind, although my husband thinks it’s quite gothic!



The front of the card and hand-made envelope

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6 thoughts on “Water Lily Pop-up Card [VIDEO]”

    • Thank you! You are very kind. No, I don’t have an Etsy page at the moment, but I might set one up in the future. Some of my work is quite difficult to send by post, so I may only be able to sell it in local shops. I need to think about what I can make to sell online.

  1. How beautiful! My little girl loves dragonflies but gets really upset because I won’t let her keep one as a pet! :-D

    • Haha! I tried to keep one as a pet when I was a child but my little sister pulled off its wings. I was so upset that I never tried to keep one after that!


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