Steve’s Forest Living Room


Following on from Steve’s Forest Cabin, here is Steve’s Forest Living Room. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the materials I used. The ‘tree trunk’ to the right was made from a Pringles tube. The room is made from a cardboard box.

スティーブの森の休憩所に続き今回はスティーブの森のリビングルームの紹介です。(経過の写真をとるのを忘れてしまいました) 右の円筒部分はプリングルス、一階の部屋部分は小さめのダンボールの箱を組み合わせています。

The ground floor living room was designed with an old English cottage in mind – with a fireplace, a slate floor and rough plaster walls. Cereal boxes were used to make the furniture and tiles. Real leaves and flowers were used for the rug, pictures and decorations.


Roof garden and bird’s nest

The rear of the building

The living room even has a working ceiling light!

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  1. I am speechless! The little details are amazing! I especially love the little pictures on the wall. You must have a lot of patience to do this!


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