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An Unintended Break

I noticed the other day that this website had been going for two and a half years – but that I hadn’t posted anything since December 2017! It has been challenging to maintain while finding time to create stuff. Nevertheless, I have been crafting and designing during this time. I will try my best to keep up and show you what I have been doing.

気がつけば2年近くもブログがほったらかし。色々あって続けるの難しいと思ったけれど… もう一度頑張ってみようと思っています。それでもこの間にも手作りはの方は続けていたのでそれらをボチボチ紹介させてください。

Using Affinity Designer

I made a pop-up card of my bulldog, Murphy.

I wanted to practice using some new software (Affinity Designer) and decided to make a template of a card I had previously designed by hand. It is the first time I have made a card template on a computer, so there may be some problems. I hope it works for anyone who tries this out! 



Templates Free to Download

Both colour and monochrome versions are available on the download page. If you want to apply your own colours, please use the monochrome version. Be careful if you are using an inkjet printer for the template. The lines will bleed if the paper becomes wet, so it is better to use colour pencils, pastels or other low-moisture materials. If possible, use a fixing spray after colouring. I didn’t do this the first time and ended up (unintentionally) smudging the colours. Use slightly thick paper.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to making the card.

ダウンロードページにカラーと白黒を用意しました。ご自分で色を塗りたいという方は白黒をお使いください。その際私もそうですがインクジェットのプリンターは水分で滲むので色鉛筆やパステルなど水分の少ない画材をご使用ください。(あと出来れば着色後に定着スプレーの使用をお勧めします。私は使わずに組み立てる際に擦って汚してしまいました) 紙は若干厚めのものを使用してください。


⬆️ STEP 1

Print either the colour or monochrome template on slightly thicker paper.


⬆️ STEP 2

Make a crease along the vertical line, from chin to tail. (If you are using the monochrome template, fold after colouring.)


⬆️ STEP 3

Cut along the outside of the black lines. It is okay if some white remains. Then use a black marker along edges that you have cut.


⬆️ STEP 4

It is optional, but if you fold the mouth into a triangle, you will get a three-dimensional effect. Go with whichever you prefer.


⬆️ STEP 5

The size of the card is based on the premise of using design paper cut to 170x248mm and commercially available 7×10″ mounting card, folded in two. This should be the minimum size for the mounting card and design paper, but it is okay to use something slightly larger.


⬆️ STEP 6

Crease all the lines of the tabs.


⬆️ STEP 7

Glue each part to the centre of the tab.


⬆️ STEP 8

Attach the tail to the body (There is glue on the reverse of the area with the hatched lines).


⬆️ STEP 9

It is a little tricky, but glue the other fold as shown in the photo. The head is glued to the body using the same method.


⬆️ STEP 10

Attach the bulldog to the design paper. Apply glue to the shaded parts in the photo above.


⬆️ STEP 11

Attach one side.


⬆️ STEP 12

Glue the other side of the tabs, as in the picture above.


⬆️ STEP 13

Glue only ends of the carpet, as shown by the shaded areas in the picture above. In this way, letters or message cards can be inserted later. Please arrange the other accessories as you like.

カーペットには後で手紙やメッセージカードを挟めるように斜線部の両端のみ接着します。 その他の小物もお好きなように配置してください。

⬆️ STEP 14

In the photo above, you can see that mounted everything on an additional layer of brown card. This is optional. Please decorate the card as you wish.


The card on the left was made using the colour template. The one on the right was coloured by hand, using the monochrome template.

Right now, the whole world is struggling against COVID-19. Here in the UK, we have been on lockdown for more than two weeks. I hope this is something you might be able to use for projects at home with your kids or just to pass some time!

Happy crafting!

※ I would be grateful if you could let me know what you think, send suggestions for improvements, photos etc.



※ 作られた感想や改善点、写真など送って頂けると嬉しいです。

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4 thoughts on “Bulldog Pop-Up Card”

  1. Wow, this is amazing. Thank you for sharing! I am going to try this with my daughter while we are in lockdown, here in Canada. I love your work!

    • Dear Julie, thank you so much for your kind comment. Yes, we are still in lockdown here in the UK, too. Please stay safe and have fun with your daughter! Nozomi x

    • Hi Alison! Yes, English Bulldogs are bigger than French Bulldogs. Our bulldog is around 25kg but they can be around 40kg! We used to have two French Bulldogs and they were both around 10kg. Their character is quite similar, though!


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