Kirie Mermaid Card & Japanese Mythology

Kirie Mermaid Card

人魚のカード (切り絵) I made a kirie mermaid card for my dear friend because it seemed like the perfect theme for someone who has a summer birthday. 誕生日が夏の友人に人魚の切り絵カードを作りました。 Mermaid Sketch First of all, I sketched the design directly onto black paper …

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Fairy Riding a Snail (Kirie)

カタツムリと妖精 (切り絵) This was inspired by an amazing close-up photo of a snail that my husband gave me, and I set to work straight away. It seems that the kirie (Japanese for paper-cutting) fever is back! この前、主人に貰ったカタツムリの写真に刺激されて一気に作った作品。随分長いこと切り絵してませんでしたが、鯉を作って以来、少し切り絵熱が戻ってきたようです。 The Making of …

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