Liverpool FC Card (Kirie)

リバプールカード (切り絵)

Liverpool FC 2019-2020

I made this card for my husband. The football season in England was suspended once the lockdown started. At the time, his favourite football team, Liverpool FC, were just two wins away from winning their first English title since 1990. For a while, it seemed that the season would be cancelled altogether and Liverpool’s chance to win the title would be lost.


The Premier League is back!

Finally, it was announced that the football season would be resumed on June 17. Liverpool will have their chance to win the title after all! Unfortunately, all matches will be played in empty stadiums – no fans are allowed. Still, my husband is very happy.


Kirie 切り絵 (Paper Cutting)

I put the printed image onto the black card stock and cut them together.


Kirie and the Missing Eye

The eye of the Liverbird and the accent line on its breast are not attached to the main pattern, so they are missing from the cutout. I used an acetate backing to add them to the final design.


The Liverbird

The image on the right is the ‘Liverbird’, the official crest of Liverpool FC.


View from above カード見下げ

6-Time Champions League Winners

It can fold flat and fit into a regular 5×7” envelope. By the way, the six stars represent the number of times Liverpool have won the Champions League / European Cup. Most recently, they beat Tottenham in the 2019 final.


Kirie bonus!

After I finished making the card, I used the paper cut out as a stencil.


Ink Pad Gradation

I used four ink pads to gradate the colour.


More Liverpool FC?

Maybe I can use this to make one more card!


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6 thoughts on “Liverpool FC Card (Kirie)”

  1. Aahh I can appreciate all the references to LFC in this super card as my family are fans to, they will be glued to the TV screen on Sunday evening! Awesome liverbird paper cut and yes what a bonus to ink through the stencil too. Steph x


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