Fairy Riding a Snail (Kirie)

カタツムリと妖精 (切り絵)

This was inspired by an amazing close-up photo of a snail that my husband gave me, and I set to work straight away. It seems that the kirie (Japanese for paper-cutting) fever is back!


The Making of Fairy Riding A Snail


I sketched directly onto black paper.

Once again, I got through a lot of blades!

Once I finished the cutout, I placed it on white paper. Mmm… Is it a little too busy? Would it have been better without the frame and the leaf? Maybe next time!


First, I backed the cutout with design paper and then I added the words (chosen by my husband!).


I added glitter and gems for decoration, and then made the mount silver.


I put it in a frame that suits my house. It is a little difficult to see because of the reflection.


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10 thoughts on “Fairy Riding a Snail (Kirie)”

  1. This is so FAB-U-LAS!! As I said to you on CraftWorld you are so talented and should be looking to making your own dies and stamps. I just love your creations. Xxx?

  2. Had to pop over from Craftworld as just seen this beauty – so amazing, you must have such a steady hand and patience – craft knifes and i don’t mix too well! lol Emmax


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