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steve toadstool


steve toadstool

I haven’t blogged in over 10 years and have barely touched social media in that time either. Since I moved to the UK in 2014, I haven’t worked because my Japanese architect license isn’t valid in this country. This means that I don’t meet people much on a day-to-day basis and I’ve become a bit of a recluse. I can’t be like this anymore!

I’ve resolved to change things and with the help of my husband decided to start this blog. I don’t know how long it will last but I want to take it easy and enjoy doing it. Sometimes I can be a bit obsessive about new projects which cause me to lose interest over time.

I’m a little embarrassed by the title of the blog, Nozomi Design. To me, It feels a little ostentatious and a bit too proud! I guess it’s a Japanese way of thinking! My husband is British and he chose the name because he thinks it sounds good in English. Perhaps he thinks too highly of me but I will bow to his judgement! Haha!

To anyone who stumbles upon this blog by chance, I would like to say, ‘Pleased to meet you!’

もうかれこれ10年以上もブログしてないしソーシャルメディアも放置状態。イギリスに移ってからは仕事もせず人にも会わずほとんど引きこもり状態の私、こんなんではいけない!と思い立ち自にムチ打ちながら旦那の助けを借りてブログを立ち上げた次第です。そんなんだからいつまで続くかわかりませんが、今度はあまり根を詰めず気楽に楽しみながらやっていけたらいいな〜と思っています。ブログのタイトルも”Nozomi Design”なんて自分では小っ恥ずかしくて大層な名前の気がしますが愛する旦那様が授けてくださった名前なのでありがたく使っていこうと思います。(爆)何かの縁でこのブログを目にしてくださった皆様、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

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