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Waitrose Recipe Organiser

I decided to make a Waitrose recipe organiser for the magazine articles I’ve been collecting. My mother in law always picks up the monthly Waitrose magazine from the supermarket and keeps them for me. The content is full of articles about recipes, chefs, and various information about food along with beautiful pictures.

A separate recipe book that can be removed from the magazine is also included every month. December is a special issue. In the photo above, the magazine on the right and the calendar on the left came in the paper bag above with the same design.

It was a very beautiful paper, so I decided to use it to create a file for the separate recipe books that I had accumulated.


雑誌の中にも取り外せる別冊のレシピブックも毎月付いてきます。 12月号は特別号です。上の写真の右が雑誌、左がカレンダーで上に少し見えている同じデザインの紙袋に入っていました。


The Making of a Waitrose Recipe Organiser

Waitrose Recipe Organiser

I used an empty dog food box for the base.


I forgot to take a photo of the paper. I used both sides of the paper bag. Leave 15 mm around the size of the base, cut and wrap it.


Stick your favourite paper on the spine. This white strip is a blueberry-coloured paper on another picture. (It’s white on the reverse side, so a little confusing)


Stick the front and back covers together on the spine strip. Leave a gap about 1.5 mm.


The paper used for the spine was thinner than I expected, so I put some washi tape on the part that folds for both reinforcement and decoration.


I made pockets on the inside of the front and back covers. Stick the kraft paper in the middle on the inside of the spine, and then stick the paper with pockets on both sides on the base.


Sorry, I forgot to take a picture. Attach the ring folder metal fittings to the base covered with kraft paper (make it a little smaller than the spine), then attach it to the main body with a bond. Considering the strength this time, I used the bonds designed for woodworking.


Additional Notebook

I made a notebook using the front cover of the old issue.


Waitrose Recipe Organiser

I put in the separate recipe books that I had collected. The size looks good.


Waitrose Recipe Organiser

I decided to put on a rubber band to close the folder. As a process, before attaching the pocket to the main body, make a hole and set the rubber band.

Waitrose magazine has good photos and paper, so I would like to make something like this again.



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  1. Amazing project, such a wonderful idea that looks so professional when you finished and to think its recycling all those pet food boxes we amass! I hope you are doing ok. Hugs Emmaxxx


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