Sherlock Holmes Card (video) シャーロックホームズカード

Graphic 45 Master Detective 180° Double Pull-tab Stage

Sherlock Holmes, Master Detective

Sherlock Holmes Card

I bought this graphic 45 paper (Master Detective) quite a while ago. I didn’t have a chance to use it before now, so I used it to make a birthday card for my sister who loves Sherlock Holmes. In making this card, I referred to my favourite book called Making Mechanical CARDS (written by Sheila Sturrock). This is called a 180 ° Double pull-tab stage card. As the name suggests, it is a card that opens the stage when you pull the tab, and this time it is the scene of Sherlock Holmes.

結構前に購入してなかなか使えずにいた Graphic 45 Master Detective のペーパー。シャーロックホームズが大好きな妹に誕生日のカードを作りました。構造は愛用のカード作りの本、Making Mechanical CARDS (Sheila Sturrock 著)の180° Double pull-tab stage を参考にしながら考えました。名前のとおりタブを引くと舞台が開幕するしかけカードで今回はシャーロックホームズの一幕です。

Happy birthday, ‘sis!

Sherlock Holmes Card

Card size is about 14 x 20 cm. The back of the card has a pocket for a message.

大きさは約14×20センチ程. カード裏 メッセージを入れるポケットをつけました。

Sherlock Holmes Mechanical Card

Sherlock Holmes Card

Pull the tabs to both sides to open the stage. It consists of background + 2 layers + cover page.


Making Mechanical Cards

The tradition of sending loved ones greeting cards goes back about 200 years and is more popular today than ever before. With a greeting card being the gift of choice for so many occasions, people are forever on the lookout for one that the recipient won’t have seen before. Because this is no easy task, the creatively minded amongst us are choosing to make their own cards. There are many books demonstrating how to make basic cards, but this book goes a considerable step further in showing how to make cards with mechanisms.

The mechanisms are based on Victorian and Edwardian designs and vary from the very simple to the really intricate. But the step-by-step instructions and diagrams provided make even the most complicated form of mechanism achievable. In addition, the materials and equipment needed to make these impressive cards are not extensive or specialist – the main requirements are card, glue and scissors, with wire or thread for the more complex designs.

Sheila Sturrock

Get the book

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