Gnome’s House Pop-up Book [Video]

ノームの家 ポップアップブック

Doll’s House to Gnome’s House

I was thinking about applying for a paper craft competition, but I couldn’t decide what to make. My husband suggested making a doll’s house.  A doll’s house? Mmm… I thought about it. I wanted to try it, but it seemed difficult to complete.  After giving up on several other plans, I decided to make a gnome house as it would allow my imagination to run wild. (I originally planned to make a fairy house, but I decided to use the gnome stamp I already owned!

When you open the cover of the mushroom, you will see four rooms, which are the entrance hall, kitchen, living room and bedroom.

ペーパークラフトのコンペに応募しようと思ったけれど何を作ったら良いか悩んでいた私に「ドールハウスとか作ってみれば?」と主人に言われた。ドールハウスか… 考えてみた。やってみたいと思ったものの、リアルなのは難しそうだし色々考え悩んだ結果、想像で自由に決められそうなノームの家を作ってみることにした。(妖精にしようかとも思いましたが持っていたノームのスタンプを使いたくてノームに決定!)


Entrance Hall


Living Room


Bird’s Eye View

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11 thoughts on “Gnome’s House Pop-up Book [Video]”

    • Thank you, Alison! I am glad you like it! When I have time, I am going to make a template for the Gnome House and put it in the downloads section of the website. Maybe it could be a craft project for you and your kids!

    • Thanks, Steph! My husband has been encouraging me to more of this kind of thing and I get inspired going to places like Glastonbury! Not that I can go there at the moment, of course!


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