Doll’s House Pop-Up Book with video


A House Fit for Princesses?

Doll's House Pop-Up Book

I made a princess doll’s house pop-up book using Stamperia’s fantastic design paper (8 inches).

It’s smaller and simpler in structure than the “Gnome House Popup Book” I made a long time ago.

Stamperia の素敵なデザインペーパー(8インチ)を使ってブック型のお姫様のドールハウスを作りました。


Angel Room: Doll’s House Pop-Up Book

Doll's House Pop-Up Book Angel Room

Angel’s Room – I used a clear embossing powder on the paintings. The floor paper is from my stash.

天使の間 絵画にはクリアなエンボスパウダーをかけています。(床の紙は手持ちの紙で手持ちのものを使用)

Fan Room: Doll’s House Pop-Up Book

Doll's House Pop-Up Book Fan Room

Fan room – I used gold and clear embossing powder for the fan cut out and it hung with a gold wire. Inca gold is used for the edge and frame of the door.

扇子の間 扇子の切り抜きにはクリアとゴールドのエンボスパウダーを使い、ゴールドのワイヤーで吊るしています。ドアの縁と枠にインカゴールドを使用。

Rose Room: Doll’s House Pop-Up Book

Doll's House Pop-Up Book Rose Room

Rose room – The edges of the painting were antique processed and I then added clear embossing powder. The floor paper is from my stash.

野ばらの間 絵画の縁はアンティーク加工後、クリアなエンボスパウダーをかけました。(床の紙は手持ちの紙で他社)

White Room: Doll’s House Pop-Up Book

White room

White Room – Here too, clear embossing powder is applied to the painting. The floor paper is from my stash.

白の間 こちらも絵画にはクリアなエンボスパウダーをかけています。(床の紙は手持ちの紙で他社)

Front Cover

Front Cover

Front Cover – The surface of small items such as letters, fans and watches is processed with embossing powder. The lace and flower dies were made by Tim Holtz’ Sizzix, and the main image was framed with die-cut and acetate. The die used for the frame is Tattered Lace.

表紙 手紙や扇子、時計などの小物にはエンボスパウダーで表面を加工しています。レースや花のダイは Sizzix Tim Holtz 、メインのイメージはダイカットとアセテートを使ってフレームのように仕立てました。フレームに使ったダイは Tattered Lace です。

Reverse Side

doll's house pop-up book

Reverse Side – On the back, I added a pocket for the princesses to fit into.

裏側 お姫様方が収まるようにポケットをつけました。

Practicality versus Detail

doll's house pop-up book

Is it a house fit for princesses?

The size is about 17 cm x 11 cm, and I tried to keep the thickness as slim as possible for the mail but it would have been better to have put a little more effort into the interior of each room.



Materials Used 使用品

Stamperia Princess 8×8 paper pad

Ranger Clear Embossing Powder

Sizzix Thinlits Tim Holtz Die Set 4PK Crochet

STAMPERIA as a brand was launched in 1995. At that time, in Italy and in other parts of the world, clear knowledge about the hobby world was still scarce. The first collection included stencils, stamps, acrylic paints as well as decoupage papers and rice paper – a sensational novelty at the time as Stamperia was the first company in the world to print on rice paper.

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