Dragon Eye ドラゴンアイ

Yvonne Williams’ Dragon Eye

Yvonne Williams is one of my favourite craftwork YouTubers. Her fantasy jewellery, costumes and polymer clay works are always inspiring. After watching her video, I finally got around to making the dragon eye that had been on my todo list for a while.

The dragon eyes in her video are made with glass cabochons and nail polish. Unfortunately, my nails are not in great condition, so I no longer use nail polish. ? I decided to try acrylic paint instead, which I bought just for this purpose.

Yvonne Williams’ Video

私の好きなクラフトユーチューバーの一人、Yvonne Williams さん。彼女の作るファンタジーなジュエリーやコスチューム、ポリマークレイの作品にはいつも刺激を受けます。そんな彼女のビデオで見て、ず~っと作りたいと思っていたドラゴンアイ、やっと作ることができました。


Yvonne Williams’ Video

Dragon Eye Pendant

Dragon Eye

This is the completed Dragon Eye necklace. As I used a large glass cabochon (30mm), it is quite striking. The overall result was much better than I expected.

I then decided to try making it with my own UV resin instead. However, UV resin will turn yellow when exposed to the sun for a long time, so caution is required when using it.



Resin and Acrylic Paint

Dragon Eyes

This is the resin cabochons I made by hand and painted with acrylics. In addition to black, red and green, I used metallic gold and bronze acrylics. The texture isn’t as shiny as glass, but I think it is enough for my craft use.

While making these, I noticed that if the surface is smooth like resin (I think that it is the same for glass), the acrylic paint can peel off easily. You need to be careful not to scratch it. Once the paint is completely dry, apply clear glue (I used Glossy Accents) and place into the setting.

(Note) After a while, a small crack appeared in the black part of the paint. There must have been some movement between the acrylic, the glue and the setting. As a countermeasure, it may be better to apply acrylic paint, coat it once and then attach it, or add a lot of glue.




Western Dragon, Japanese Ryu- 西洋のドラゴン、日本の龍

西洋のドラゴン、日本の龍 Western Dragon, Japanese Ryu-
葛飾北斎 「竜図」Hokusai Katsushika “Dragon”

I think there are some differences between Western dragons and Japanese dragons (Ryu-). First of all, it looks like (although it is a fantasy creature and it depends on the story and the picture ?) Western dragons are like dinosaurs, and I think in Japan (or China) it is more like a snake.

Also in the West, there are many stories where knights fight dragons (I apologise if I’m wrong!) In Japan, dragons are the gods who control water. It depends on the story. Sometimes they are evil and we should be afraid, and sometimes they are good and you can ask them for help like any other god.

The Japanese dragon was introduced from China during the Yayoi period. It seems that the worship of Ryujin (the dragon god) came about in a fusion of Chinese beliefs with our own preexisting worship of a serpent god.

西洋のドラゴンと日本の龍は少し違いがあるように思います。まず見た目、(と言ってもあくまで空想の生き物で物語や絵によって違うと思いますが?) 西洋のドラゴンは体つきが恐竜のようで、日本(または中国)はどちらかといえば蛇に近いと思います。



Tatsu-no-Otoshigo 竜の落とし子


Also, a little off-topic, in Japan the seahorse is called Tatsu-no-otoshigo. Directly translated, it means the Dragon’s Noble Bastard! It’s interesting and telling that we use this term instead of just Dragon Child.

また少し話は外れますが日本では Seahorse のことを竜の落とし子(Tatsu-no-otoshigo)と呼びます。直訳するとDragon‘s noble bastard. ただの竜の子でなく“落とし子”と言うところが意味深で面白いですね。

Materials Used 使用材料

PandaHal Pendant Sets, Flat Round Glass Cabochons with Alloy Pendant Trays, Antique Silver,40x36x2.5mm,6sets

Ranger GAC17042 Glossy Accents Clear Plastic Varnish, 59 ml

Acrylic paint Black / Red

PEBEO Iridescent Green Yellow

DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Venetian’s Gold

DecoArt Dazzling Metallics splendid Gold

UV resin, Harf Dorm Mould

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Paint, Golden Shades, Medium

Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint, Set of 12 Colours/Tubes with Storage Box

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8 thoughts on “Dragon Eye ドラゴンアイ”

  1. How truly fascinating Nozomi your dragon’s eye creation is awesome, I had a peep at the video from your link and saw how she was using nail polish to build up the layers wow I was mesmerised!
    Thank you for sharing … Steph x

  2. WOW this is amazing, so much detail in the eye that it is mesmerising the more you look into it the more it hypnotises me! lol Thank you once again for the history – ive learnt so much about Japan from your blog and its fascinating. I hope you are keeping well. Hugs Emmax

    • Thanks, Emma. You’d be surprised how much I’ve learned or at least been reminded of about my own culture from doing these posts. I’m keeping well, thank you. Hope life is good in lovely, lovely Cornwall! x

  3. Love this. Thought it was an authentic stone when I saw it. I totally agree with Jane. Online shop, and you know who will be your first customer !!


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