Frida Kahlo 2: Nothing Is Absolute


Following on from the card I made last month, I decided to make a Frida Kahlo picture.


I used a stamp by Indigoblu.

こちらが使用した Indigoblu のスタンプ。

It’s roughly A5 size. I wanted to make the flowers pop, so I went for a monochrome face.


I used Japanese ‘Washi’ paper to make the flowers. This paper is often used in Japan to make sleeves for chopsticks in good restaurants.

Now it’s finished, I’m wondering if it looks more like Medusa than Frida! ?



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14 thoughts on “Frida Kahlo 2: Nothing Is Absolute”

  1. I love the blend of colours in the flowers. Did you colour the washi paper or was it pre-coloured? Japanese paper is quite expensive here in Ireland but it’s worth it.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comments! The washi paper is pre-coloured. Yes, genuine washi paper is also quite expensive here in the UK. However, when I was making the flowers, I found the washi was a little soft. I think crepe paper might be better to use.


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