Flip Card


Flip Card

Getting Started in Cardmaking

After finishing my three cards for the competition, I breathed a sigh of relief and then started making my next card. I’ve made it for a neighbour of my husband’s parents because she also does handicrafts and has given me some card making magazines and other craft materials. I think that I became interested in card making because of the many nice magazines she gave me. I wanted to thank her for this, so I made her a handmade card even though I’m not very good at it yet.

コンテスト用のカード3作を作ってからほっと一息ついた後、次のカード作りにとりかかった。贈る相手は主人の両親のお隣に住む方… 彼女もクラフトやカードメイキングがご趣味なようで読み終わった雑誌や道具、材料をくださっていた。私がカードメイキングに興味を持ったのも彼女がくださったたくさんの素敵な雑誌があったからだと思う。そんな経緯から彼女にお礼が言いたくて、まだ上手ではないけれど何かハンドメイドのカードが送りたかった。

My First Flip Card

I was thinking about what kind of card to make and discovered flip cards. The method was quite simple, so I decided to make it with the tools and materials I already have. (Once again, I was able to utilize the Flower Fairy materials I got free with Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine!)

どんなカードを作ろうかと色々調べているとフリップカードというものを見つけた。仕掛けはシンプルだったのでこれなら私の持っている道具と材料で作れそうと作ってみることにした。(またまた登場する Cardmaking & Papercraft のフラーワーフェアリーの付録!重宝してます)


At first glance, the process of making the flip card seemed quite simple but when I started making it I realized that there were so many things that you have to consider. The fact that it was a lot more complicated than I expected made it more enjoyable. And now it’s done, I hope she will like the card!


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