Diorama (Shadow Box) Flower Fairy Card with Video


Diorama or Shadow Box?

I made a flower fairy birthday card for an old friend because loves flowers. It is a diorama style card, although I’ve also seen people calling this style a shadow box. Is there a difference or is it just a different name for the same thing? If you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments section. :-)


Monochrome Embossed Cover

Embossed cover of flower fairy card.

I wanted to make the colours stand out when the card was opened. For this reason, I chose a monochrome cover. 


Cicely Mary Barker

Diorama Shadow box Flower Fairy Card

The fairy is from a stamp that came with a magazine. It is by one of my favourite British artists, Cicely Mary Barker, from her Flower Fairy Collection. The flower stamp is by Tim Holtz and the butterfly and message stamps are also came with a magazine.They were coloured with watercolours and finished with gold glitter.

妖精は雑誌の付録に付いてきたスタンプ、大好きなイギリスのアーティスト Cicely Mary Barker 花の妖精です。花のスタンプは Tim Holtz、蝶やメッセージのスタンプも付録です。水彩絵具で色付けしゴールドのラメをのせました。

The Layers of the Diorama / Shadow Box

Looking at the 3 layers of the shadow box card from above.

I took this photo looking down from above, so that you can see it consists of a background plus 3 layers.


The Diorama / Shadow Box Opened

The diorama / Shadow Box card opened

The fairy, butterfly, and gems are attached using fishing line. As a result, they seem to float when viewed from a couple of steps away.

正面 妖精と蝶、ジェムはテグスを使用。ラインがクリアなので飛んでいる様に見えます。

Fits in a Standard Sized Envelope

Card and envelope

A message can be written on the back of the card. I sized it to fit in a regular 6″x6″ envelope.

Happy birthday, Miki! x




This is what Wikipedia has to say about shadow boxes.

While shadow boxes have a strong tradition in military history, they are also frequently created purely for artistic goals. Shadow boxes are sometimes built by amateur crafters, as a way of preserving and presenting artefacts of historical or personal nostalgic value.

American artist Joseph Cornell constructed many shadow boxes during his career, with the works evoking a strong sense of nostalgia, decay, or loss.

Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_box

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12 thoughts on “Diorama (Shadow Box) Flower Fairy Card with Video”

  1. This is a lovely! I’ve never made a shadow box card. It looks fairlystraight forward (famous last words) and I’d love to try it. Mind you, I’m not sure when! I still haven’t made the fairy house you inspired me to try. I need 48 hours in the day!

  2. This is beautiful, Nozomi! I love that you used the monochrome cover. It must be have a real impact when you open the card and there is so much colour!


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