Card Maker of the Year 2017


Submissions for Card Maker of the Year Competition

I wrote about Card Making & Papercraft magazine in an earlier post, Craft Making Magazines. I have been buying it fairly regularly since last year and was attracted to the August issue because it included Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies’ card making collection with die-cutting cards and a paper set. I bought it immediately!

But this story is not about free gifts! What caught my attention this time was a page advertising the Card Maker of the Year 2017 competition. Once I’d seen this I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Even though I’d never made any serious cards before, my mind was a whirr of ideas for different designs.

Having seen how great last year’s winners were, I don’t think I stand a chance. But what the hell, I don’t have anything to lose. (Although I have bought a new stamp and embossing powder etc., which cost a lot of money! Haha!) Anyway, I decided to go for it!

Once I started the project, I really enjoyed it and somehow I managed to finish the 3 cards I had to submit for the competition! I am relieved that they have finally been posted because I’m off to Scotland soon. Incidentally, it seems that the winners will be contacted within two weeks.

Whatever the outcome, I was pretty much able to produce what I had in mind, so I am satisfied. It’s made me want to keep on learning new techniques and to continue making cards and other papercraft designs.

私の初めて購入した雑誌については別のコラム、”英国のクラフトマガジン”で書きましたが今年の夏にも同じ雑誌、 “Cardmaking & Papercraft”を購入しました。恥ずかしながら理由はやっぱり付録につられて。Cicely Mary Barker のフラワーフェアリーズのカードメイキングコレクションでダイカットカードやペーパーがセットの付録でした。即買い!

でも今回のお話はそこではなく私の興味を引いたのは雑誌の中にあったコンテストの募集ページでした!その名も “Cardmaker of the Year 2017” これを見つけてからいてもたってもいられず、カードメイキングなんて真剣にやったことないくせにどんな作品を送るか一生懸命考えました。昨年の受賞作品を見ると『私なんかどうせ無理』と思わされる素晴らしい作品ばかりなんですがダメでもともと、失うものは何もないで挑戦してみることにしました。(とは言えスタンプやエンボッシングパウダーなど新たに購入したので結構お金はかかりますね。笑)作り始めてみるとこれが楽しいのなんのって久しぶりに集中して何とか3作品仕上げました!無事に郵送も完了してホッとしています。(この後はスコットランドに行ってきます)


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