Beetle Card


I made a card using my favourite Tim Holtz die cut and Sizzix embossing folder.

大好きな Tim Holtz のダイカットとSizzixのエンボスフォルダーを使ってカードを作ってみました。

For the beetle, I used a Sizzix die cut on gold mirror card, backed with tracing paper.

The ‘keep moving forward’ message was made with a resin to create a 3d effect that stands out from the background.



The leaves were made with an embossing folder, coloured with Distress Ink, and layered.

The frame was made by cutting craft paper with an embossing folder. It was coloured with Distress Ink and then I applied a gold paste.

It is difficult to see in the photo, but the mount is also coloured with ink after applying a wood grain stamp to the craft card.

エンボスフォルダーで作った葉っぱは Distress ink で着色して2枚を重ねています。

フレームはクラフト紙を形に切ってからエンボスフォルダーを使用後 Distress inkで着色、ゴールドのペーストをのせました。


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8 thoughts on “Beetle Card”

  1. The texutre on this is amazing, you’ve taken a great embossing folder and turned it into something so realistic. Emmax


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