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3rd Place in Card Maker of the Year 2017!


3rd place

I wrote that I had entered the Card Maker of the Year 2017 in a previous post. Amazingly, I got 3rd place! I actually knew about this a couple of weeks ago but was asked not to publicise it until the results had been announced in this month’s edition of the magazine.

I dreamed about how I would feel if I was chosen but never really thought It would happen. Perhaps because I have little experience of card making, my work was a bit different to the other entries! I really want to thank the judges for selecting me,

I regret not have taken better pictures or some videos of my entries as they are not returned after the competition but these are three cards I made.

Since I applied for this contest, I noticed that there was another big competition next month and I am working on that at the moment. The contest gives me the goal to focus on which is good for me.

Now I ‘m hoping to make many various types of papercraft, learn new techniques and improve my skills. It’s also so much fun!

以前のポストで Card maker of the year 2017に応募した事は書きましたが、何と3位に入賞しました!実は連絡は少し前に頂いていたのですが雑誌が発売されたので公に発表します。





  • Fairy Card front
  • Fairy Card opening
  • Fairy Card inside
  • Fairy Card detail
  • Fairy Card 3d detail
  • Fairy Card message detail
  • Fairy Card open
  • Peacock Card inside
  • Peacock profile 1
  • Peacock profile 2
  • Peacock Card with ties
  • Peacock Card with ties 2
  • Gothic Card front
  • Gothic Card back
  • Gothic Card opening
  • Gothic Card inside
  • Gothic Card greeting
  • Gothic Card message
  • Three competition cards
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4 thoughts on “3rd Place in Card Maker of the Year 2017!”

  1. These really are lovely! Belated congratulations. I can’t beleive you hadn’t been making cards very long then. I’m sure the originality of your cards and the professional look they have helped clinch it.


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