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This will blog will mainly be about my hobbies and my life in England.

As an architect in Japan, I used to think work was my life! I loved my job but like many Japanese people  I never had much free time for hobbies or enjoying life with my husband and our dogs.

Throughout our married life, I’ve made my husband some handmade gifts for his birthday. He has always encouraged and supported me in my creative ventures, especially here in the U.K. where I have a lot more free time.

One of the reasons I started leather crafting was because I wanted make some biker’s  gear for him. My biggest weakness is that although it is  easy for me to become passionate (and perhaps obsessed!) about something, I can just as easily lose interest again and move on to something different. And so it was with leather craft. I’ve only recently taken it up again after a long break.

My interest in card making came about after I bought the August 2017 edition of Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine  because it had some excellent free gifts by Cicely Mary Barker. It just happened that they were also advertising their National Card Making competition in that issue and I decided to give it a try. Looking at last year’s winners, I don’t think I have a chance but it was fun to focus on something with a goal.

Over the years, I have made a lot of things for different people but rarely kept records so I don’t know how, when or what I made! I hope to change that with this blog.  It would also be great if I could discuss and share ideas with other people who have similar interests!


日本で設計士をしていた頃は ”私の趣味は仕事”って思えるほど仕事が大好きで働くことは苦になりませんでした。でもきっと多くの日本人がそうだと思いますが、趣味や家族との生活を楽しむ自由な時間はほとんどありませんでした。



ペーパークラフトは今一番やりたいことで、中でもカードメイキングは今年の夏にCardmaking&Papercraft (Aug2017) という雑誌を購入してからすっかりはまっています。実は付録につられて購入したのですがその中に”ナショナルカードメイキングコンペティション”の募集を見つけて挑戦してみることにしました。去年の受賞作品を見ると私なんかとてもお呼びでないとも思うのですが、ここのところ目標もなくすっかり落ち込んでいた私が楽しめることを見つけたので賞とか関係なくやってみようと思っています。


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